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logo Le Vert HF decontaminant solution of hydrofluoric acid

Decontamination Solution for Materials and Equipment in contact with Hydrofluoric Acid and its Derivatives

Cleans and decontaminates hydrofluoric acid on batteries

With Le Vert HF, decontaminate your clothing and surfaces contaminated by hydrofluoric acid or its derivatives SIMPLY AND SAFELY.


Hydrofluoric acid is used in particular in surface treatment or metal industries; accordingly, this extremely toxic compound is known to be very reactive. Every surface in contact with hydrofluoric acid or any of its derivatives may eventually erode and cause serious consequences for cleaning personnel (lethal hazard).

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    • Used in addition to your absorbent (preferably neutralizing), Le Vert HF decontamination solution helps to thoroughly clean all hydrofluoric acid spills safeguarding intervention personnel from lethal chemical injury.

    How to prevent hydrofluric acid HF chemical burn if my PPE is contaminated? Clean with HF LeVert

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    • The neutralizing action of Le Vert HF solution helps to ensure the safety of your team and preserves your protective equipment in case of a spill from hydrofluoric acid or its derivatives.
    • Warning, after an intervention involving hydrofluoric acid or its derivatives, your protective clothing may be contaminated; before removing them, do not forget to decontaminate all your equipment (suit, boots, gloves, goggles...) in order to avoid all contact with potential hydrofluoric acid residue.

    Clean a hydrofluoric acid contamination on my bootsManage a splach, spillage, leakage of acid on a chemical suitManage a concentrated acid water pollution and clean gloves contaminated by acid

Safety procedures during a chemical accident

  • Do not forget to wear suitable safety protection equipment for the chemical spill and use appropriate signs.
  • Used absorbents must be destroyed in accordance with the current legislation.
5L and 10L drum
LE VERT HF, decontamination solution of hydrofluoric acid
Cleaning procedure with absorbent/neutralizing solution