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Logo. Petrocaptor absorbs the oil, gas oil, gasoil crude oil on water

Absorbs hydrocarbons, even in water.

Gas station, off shore station. How to absorb oil and fuel on water?


In cases of hydrocarbon pollution in water, collecting is always very difficult and the environmental, economic and health impact can lead to serious consequences.

    • Collect hydrocarbons in an aqueous media with Petrocaptor® solidifying absorbent.
    • Petrocaptor® solidifying technology development separates, absorbs and solidifies hydrocarbons rendering their collection and clean up easier.
Oil, toluene , acetone, diesel spreading in the water or on the floor 

Absorb and solidify an oil spillage on water with Pétrocaptor®

Safety procedures during a chemical accident

  • Do not forget to wear suitable safety protection equipment for the chemical spill and use appropriate signs.
  • Used absorbents must be destroyed in accordance with the current legislation.
6 kg Bucket
Petrocaptor® absorbent solidifier
Spill in water

VIDEO: Petrocaptor® on diesel in water