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Industry and laboratories


Group Solenis - Paper industry, France

Spills and Leaks: Flocculent polymer

Polycaptor® multi-purpose absorbent provides good results since it allows removal of the flocculent from the floor and restores a properly dry surface.


NASA - The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, USA

Spills and Leaks: All kind of chemicals, battery acid, sodium hydroxide

I love the Trivorex® product and use it exclusively now for any corrosive type spill: 25 gallon (96 l) battery acid spill on pavement 40 gallon (150l) Sodium Hydroxide spill inside a tractor trailer

T. Safran-Aircelle

Safran Aircelle - Aeronautics, France

Spills and leaks: Hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid

Why the use of Trivorex®? It permits to evaluate the pH of the unknown solution spill and to "neutralize" the solution. Feedbacks: -An unknown solution was found in big quantity on the floor. -during the pumping of the used bath of hydrofluoric- nitric acid, a leak on the outlet connection of the acid terminal was observed.

Safran Snecma procédure sur produits chimiques corrosifs et irritants

Safran Snecma - Aeronautics, France

Spills and leaks: Any type of chemicals

In case of chemicals leak in surface treatment areas, we proceed to a return to the central unit of water treatment. For all intervention that cannot be treated by this unit, we systematically use the TRIVOREX® powder.

P&G procédure d'intervention sur acides fluorhydrique et de batterie

Procter & Gamble - Hygiene and beauty products, Germany

Spills and leaks: Sulfuric acid and battery acid 

TRIVOREX® neutralizing absorbent has been successfully used during the spill of 3 liters of battery acid (sulfuric acid) and we are satisfied with the result. TRIVOREX® neutralizing absorbent has to be strongly recommended.

BCM intervention sur déversement chimique dangereux: acides et bases

BCM healthcare products - Hygiene and beauty products, France

Spills and leaks: Any type of chemicals

Using POLYCAPTOR® and TRIVOREX® enables intervention in complete safety, as they are easy to use and easy to collect and to store. Moreover, after these products have been used, the floor is clean and clear of aggressive or slippery residue.

SGS procedure d'intervention sur accidents: soude 50%, acides minéraux

SGS Oil, gas & chemicals - Chemistry, France

Spills and leaks:  Any type of chemicals, sodium hydroxide 50%, mineral acids

Trivorex® thanks to a single and unique universal neutralising absorbent, was able to meet all our requirements. Easy to use and proven to be effective across our wide range of products.