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Logo. Trivorex neutralizing absorbent for all liquid acids or bases

Neutralizes and absorbs all corrosive spills               (Acids, Bases, Formaldehyde, Solvents and Oxidizers)

Chemical leakage and cleaning of road tankers or transportation units



Managing all types of chemical spills most of all corrosive, can not only be dangerous but also difficult to clean up.

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    • The versatility of Trivorex® neutralizing absorbent allows you to act quickly, easily and safely!
    • A single protocol allows you to manage all your chemical spills, regardless of the hazard. This prevents any risk of error and enables fast action.

    Trivorex acts on any type of chemical leakage, solvents, acids, bases

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    • Thanks to the colored pH indicator integrated into the absorbent you can visually identify the hazard and monitor the neutralization process easily.
    • …In the case of an acid spill the absorbent changes color to pink and returns to yellow when the spill is neutralized.
    • …In the case of a base spill the absorbent changes color to blue and returns to yellow when the spill is neutralized.

    Follow the danger of the spill with a pH color indication of Trivorex

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    • Trivorex®neutralizing absorbent offers a unique safety protocol.
    • In the event of a emanation from the spilled product, Trivorex® neutralizing absorbent will restrict it and so reduce the risk of inhalation of dangerous products.
    • The neutralizing action of Trivorex® absorbent allows you to act quickly in order to reduce personnel contamination risk.

           Trivorex reduced and limit the inhalation of hazardous chemicals

10 kg Bucket
TRIVOREX® Neutralizing Absorbent
100 kg container
TRIVOREX® Neutralizing Absorbent
Corrosive spill

VIDEO: Trivorex® on a corrosive spill: acid, base, formaldehyde, and oxidizer.