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What we want?

Prevor creates simple solutions to solve chemical accidents

What we want?

Today, safety and performance have become key requirements in our progressive society. Despite this, we cannot, by definition, eradicate the unforeseen, whether at home or at work: fuel leaks, an overturned paint can, a chemical tank spill, etc. Unfortunately, these incidents, if they are not controlled, can lead to greater risks to people as well as the environment - risk of falling or slipping and chemical contamination.

In the event of the spreading or pouring of a liquid, we are sometimes faced with choosing between safety and a quick response. Consequently, we wish to promote safety by modern methods and to find simple solutions to quickly deal with these incidents. We want to ensure the individuals safety without restriction, while remaining at the forefront of knowledge and techniques.

Understanding our partner's issues, controlling them, finding preventive, simple and accessible solutions, this is the mission of PREVOR.

Our teams are a combination of international experts and people from scientific and technical backgrounds. With our determination and experience you do not have to choose between outcome and safety.

Through our advice our aim is to reduce the spread of a hazard without underestimating it, through our products we also ensure that the incident does not become an accident. Accordingly, thanks to our research efforts, our partners can anticipate hazards by finding modification channels to enable lowering the hazard level without reducing the product value.

We are a team of professionals and scientific and technical specialists in the service of safety, progress and performance.

Anticipate and Save
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