Chemical Decontaminants

Liquid chemical decontaminant against corrosive chemicals and fluorides.

During routine maintenance or a chemical accident, a surface or material may become contaminated. Without decontamination, chemicals can cause injury to personnel and corrode the soiled surface.

This is why including a decontamination step in the process is important to preserve the material and protect personnel.

Safurex utilisation
  • Neutralizes chemicals (acids, bases and HF)
  • Indicates visually when neutralization is complete
  • Avoids the risk of error through its compatibility with chemical products
  • Provides the possibility to manage the situation internally without the need for emergency services
  • Increases the life span of contaminated equipment
  • Neutralizes the chemical even in the roughest spots

Technical specifications of SAFUREX®



It neutralises the splashes of all* types of aqueous chemicals, corrosives acids or bases by neutralising the pH.
Effective even on hydrofluoric acid by chelating fluoride ions.


Indicates the end of neutralisation

A colour change indicates when the equipment is contaminated by an acid or a base, which reverts back to the original colour when decontamination is completed.


Concentrated neutralizing agent

No need to wash with large amounts of water, a reduced volume of SAFUREX® can decontaminate the affected area without flooding it completely.


Active neutralisation

SAFUREX® is an active agent. Its neutralising function eliminates the risk of contamination for personnel and corrosion for equipment


Non Hazardous

Non-irritating, non-flammable

How does it work ?

Based on amphoteric technology, the chemical decontaminant SAFUREX® stops the activity of acid and base chemicals by neutralising them at the molecular level without being corrosive. Its chelating function also fixes the fluoride ions of hydrofluoric acid HF to make them non-dangerous and non-toxic.

Safety recommendations during chemical accidents

  • Remember to wear the appropriate safety equipment for chemical spills and use the appropriate signs.
  • Remove the decontamination residues as chemical waste according to the national regulations in force.

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Eliminate the risk of chemical inhalation for your employees and corrosion for your machines following corrosive or toxic gas leaks

PREVOR has developed a system for decontaminating corrosive gases and fumes. This innovative technology allows, after a gas leak, to decontaminate the atmosphere in order to allow intervention teams to act on the accident site or to resume work in complete safety.

Eliminate the risk of chemical inhalation for your employees and corrosion for your machines following corrosive or toxic gas leaks