Multi-purpose neutralizing absorbent for chemicals
Chemical Decontaminants
Universal dryer for common liquids

Universal dryer for common liquids

Falls caused by liquid spills are a major cause of work accidents. Solving this issue requires not only cleaning up the liquid, but also eliminating the potentially invisible residual layer responsible for slips.

POLYCAPTOR® versatile absorbent absorbs liquid spills and leaks safely, so that the incident does not interfere with the smooth running of your business.

Tested compliant by DEKRA according to technical data sheet DWA-A 716-9.

Advantages of POLYCAPTOR®

  1. The absorbent action of POLYCAPTOR® makes the soil dry, non-slippery, even with the most viscous products (oils, flocculants...).
    In this manner, all risk of accident complications due to incomplete cleaning are eliminated.

    After cleaning up the hydrocarbon with POLYCAPTOR(® absorbent, floor adhesion returns to 98% (Source DEKRA).
  2. POLYCAPTOR® absorbent is self-sufficient, no additional cleaning is required.
    It will save you time and free up your teams quicker..
  3. 1kg of Polycaptor® absorbent absorbs between 2L and 3L of liquids, approximately 3 times more than the conventional mineral absorbents.
    You will minimize your storage requirements and limit the amount of waste generated.
  4. Free from crystalline silica, POLYCAPTOR® is not hazardous for humans or the environment..
    Crystalline silica is hazardous because if inhaled as dust, it can cause irreversible lung damage. The associated disease is called silicosis.

    Conventional mineral absorbents contain a low percentage of crystalline silica but enough to cause a carcinogenic risk to the user.

How does it work?

POLYCAPTOR® versatile absorbent, functions as a network of capillaries sucking up the liquid and drying the surface..


POLYCAPTOR® is available in 4 kg buckets, 10kg bags and in the form of an absorbent signalling beacon (BAS)

Polycaptor® versatile absorbent can be used on:

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