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Eliminate these risks with the Prevor Environment range when liquids or chemicals are spilled.

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Transcription EN 

Visual showing the type of businesses and locations exposed to fall hazards along a road. They include: a workshop, a sewage treatment plant, a factory, a gas station, a logistics center, a DIY store, a laboratory, a university, a railway station, a hospital, a fire station, a thermal power plant and a pharmaceutical industry.

Cars and trucks drive on the road between these companies. Zoom in on the workshop. We enter the workshop: there are tools on a shelf and the mechanic is dressed for work. An oil can spills on the floor and a "caution sol glissant" sign appears. The mechanic is surprised and looks at the can without knowing what to do. The screen splits in two, with the garage owner's scene on the left and a new video on the right of an employee at a sewage treatment plant who sees liquid leaking from a tap. A bucket of Polycaptor® appears in the middle of the screen. The mechanic and plant employee take a shovel and spread Polycaptor® universal absorbent on the liquid spill.

Back on the road, boxes marked with a "V" appear above the garage, sewage treatment plant, factory, gas station, logistics center and DIY store.

Zoom in on a chemical plant and a scientist in her laboratory. The screen splits in two, with the scientist on the right of the screen, spilling a bottle containing a chemical liquid. On the left, a plant employee in a safety suit is standing next to a pipe that is suddenly discharging a toxic liquid. A "danger corrosive product" sign appears on both scenes. The neutralizing absorbent Trivorex® appears in the middle of the screen. The scientist and the employee in overalls take a shovel and spread Trivorex® over their chemical spill. The Trivorex® makes their spills more solid: the wetsuit worker's is red and the woman's is blue. A pH indicator appears, showing a colored tab ranging from red to blue to yellow. Depending on the color of the liquid, it's either an acid or a base. When products turn yellow, it means they have been neutralized. Factory and laboratory spills turn yellow and are neutralized. A box with a "V" appears. The scientist and the employee in overalls each pick up their neutralized powder and throw it into a garbage can marked "non-hazardous waste".

The image of the laboratory disappears, leaving only the plant and the employee in the safety suit. Corrosive liquid has also spilled onto a machine. A red circle appears, encircling the contaminated machine. Zoom in on the machine covered in greenish liquid. The chemical decontaminant Le Vert appears next to the employee in overalls. A hose connected to the product appears in the hands of the employee, who sprays the contaminated machine with the product. The green mass disappears from the machine and a box marked with a "V" appears. Another person in a safety suit arrives from the left and sprays his colleague with Le Vert to decontaminate him too. A box marked with a "V" appears when the suit is decontaminated.

Back on the road alongside the various buildings: boxes marked with a "V" appear above the buildings: the laboratory, the factory, the university and fire station, the thermal power station and the pharmaceutical industry. Back on the road and wide shot of all the buildings shown at the beginning of the video.

Image showing four buckets of Prevor Environnement absorbent products: Acicaptal® acid neutralizing absorbent, Basicaptal® base neutralizing absorbent, Polycaptor® universal absorbent and Trivorex® multipurpose neutralizing absorbent.

Image showing three decontamination products: a can of Le Vert chemical decontaminant, a spray can of Le Vert chemical decontaminant and a spray can of Le Vert HF chemical decontaminant.

Image showing the Prevor Elephant logo with the name "Prevor Environnement - Maîtriser et restaurer" and the phrase "laboratoire de Toxicologie et maîtrise du risque chimique. The slogan "So that a chemical accident remains an accident" appears in several languages around the logo.

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Transcription EN:

The Hydro testimonial video begins. Inside a factory belonging to the Norwegian Hydro Group, two men in work clothes, goggles and helmets talk above a machine room.

A voice-over explains who Hydro is and that the company has 32,000 employees worldwide. Sequence showing the man doing the voice-over being interviewed. He is a Hydro employee, sitting in an office and wearing a company T-shirt. Sequence with the two employees from the beginning pointing at machines. A second man working at Hydro is also interviewed and takes over from the voice-over. The voice-over alternates between these two people. While the second interviewee continues to explain what Hydro does, we see again the two employees talking above the machine room.

Back to the first interviewee, who introduces himself and explains his work at the company. Sequence showing the two employees, still in their work clothes, walking around the factory. Back to the office with the second interviewee, who also introduces himself. As the man explains his role at Hydro, there is a shot of contaminated water basins. The first interviewee explains the anodizing process, while the screen continues to show images of the basins. He explains the risks of contact with acids when withdrawing this water. Shot showing the chemical water eddies. An employee, wearing gloves, takes a sample from one of the basins.

Back to the first employee interviewed, who explains that they use Prevor's DIPHOTERINE® solution in the event of an accident. Shot of two employees storing a DIPHOTERINE® sprayer in a box hung on the wall for employees. Shot of a diagram on the wall showing how to use DIPHOTERINE®.

Back to the second interviewee, who explains staff training in the event of an accident. Video footage of an employee wearing a helmet, climbing stairs and holding on to a safety rail. The second interviewee explains the importance of risk training to ensure employee safety. He goes on to say that the Prevor range has prevented more serious accidents, and that this has been confirmed by doctors. Prevor products help limit personal injury in the event of contact with a corrosive chemical. Back shot of two employees walking through the factory aisles.

Back to the first interviewee, who talks about Prevor products from the environment range. He explains that these products have enabled them to progress in many areas. They use POLYCAPTOR® universal absorbent to soak up oil spills. They also use the SAFUREX® chemical decontaminant produced to neutralize splashes during the anodizing process. Footage of an employee in safety suit carrying a spray bottle of SAFUREX® chemical decontaminant. Shot of an employee pumping product and preparing to use it. Shot of interviewee 1. Shot of employee spraying a low wall with SAFUREX®. The liquid turns blue. While the voice-over explains that the product colors the contaminated surface to show whether it is an acid or a base, we see a gloved hand holding a pH indicator colored green. Back to the first interviewee in the office, who explains that even people who don't often work on the site can easily and safely use this product.

Zoom in on a bucket of TRIVOREX® multi-purpose neutralizing absorbent next to a can of SAFUREX®. The voice-over explains that they use TRIVOREX® when large quantities of chemicals are spilled and need to be absorbed.

Shot of two employees, one carrying a bucket of POLYCAPTOR®. The second voice-over explains that there was no proven risk of danger with flocculants, but that the Prevor promotional campaign made them realize that the risk of slipping was real. Shot of POLYCAPTOR® bucket. He goes on to say that POLYCAPTOR® has bluffing effects. Back in the office, the second interviewee declares that in future they will use POLYCAPTOR® in the event of a flocculant spill. Sequence showing someone cleaning an area with POLYCAPTOR® by spilling powder onto a liquid on the floor. Back to the first interviewee, who explains that this product is a cleaner alternative to cardboard, which they used to use to absorb flocculants.

Shot of two employees in work clothes and helmets looking at tanks of filtered spent soda. The second voice-over explains that Hydro always wants to be at the top of their game. Shot of two employees walking beside the tanks. Back to the second interviewee, who explains that their approach is sustainable and that they want to preserve their resources. The man finds that the environment range enables them to improve in this respect. He expands on environmental impact as we see two employees observing the machines through a glass window. One of the employees points at a machine and seems to be explaining something to his colleague. Back to the second interviewee, who finds that they stand out from the rest by considering the environmental dimension in the event of an incident or chemical spill. The screen goes white, then the Prevor Environment Elephant logo appears, with the slogan "Anticipate and protect". Underneath it reads "Toxicology Laboratory & chemical risk management". End of video.

  • Some TRIVOREX® was used to neutralize the solution on the floor, and also to control, after the cleaning of the polluted area, the absence of acid on the terminal and on the floor.
  • The choice of TRIVOREX® polyvalent neutralizing absorbent is essential in the extent that it is necessary to be able to quickly treat a spill of the chemicals used.
  • Satisfied with the professionalism of PREVOR and the effectiveness of their products, we decided to continue our partnership by equipping ourselves with other products: the universal absorbent POLYCAPTOR® to protect a specific storage area.