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BASICAPTAL®Multi-purpose neutralizing absorbent for chemicals

Neutralizing absorbent specific to bases

In the event of base chemical spills, personnel and equipment are highly exposed. The priority is to remove the chemical hazard, in order to secure the area.

With BASICAPTAL® neutralizing absorbent, you will be ready to deal with all types of alkaline chemical spills.
tank overflow in a loading and storage area
  • Reduces the risk by preventing injury or inhalation of chemicals
  • Indicates visually when neutralization is complete
  • Avoids the risk of error through its compatibility with chemical products
  • Provides the possibility to manage the situation internally without the need for emergency services

Technical specifications of BASICAPTAL®

BASICAPTAL® neutralizing absorbent specific to bases, can be used on all your alkaline chemicals by following a unique protocol.
You no longer need to identify the chemical before neutralizing it.
It eliminates all risk of accident complications due to incompatible chemical mixtures.
The absorbent turns blue in the presence of a base and turns back yellow when neutralization is complete.
The pH colour indicator allows you to visually identify the hazard and follow the neutralization process of the alkaline substance.
The neutralization of the alkaline chemical makes it possible to suppress the corrosivity of the alkaline character by bringing the pH back to a non-hazardous level.
An alkaline chemical may emit hazardous vapours continuously. Its neutralization makes it possible to stop these emissions at the source.
A neutralized chemical will no longer be corrosive, which reduces the risk of human and material contamination.

How does it work ?

BASICAPTAL® neutralizing absorbent combines the absorption power of superabsorbent polymers with the neutralizing capacity of amphoteric.

Safety recommendations during chemical accident

  • Do not forget to wear the safety equipment adapted to chemical spills and use the appropriate warning signs.
  • Used absorbents must be destroyed in accordance with the national regulations in force.

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500G powder dispenser of Basicaptal® special neutralizing absorbent for bases
500 g Dispenser
9kg bucket of Basicaptal® special neutralizing absorbent base product
9 kg bucket

Need protective equipment to manage your spills ?

Take a look at our spill kit. It contains :
  • A pair of reusable chemical protection gloves (in accordance with EN 374-1)
  • Reusable chemical protection safety glasses
  • Can also be used by employees with eyeglasses
  • In accordance with EN 166
  • Manhole cover
  • Prevents liquids from flowing into the sewer system
  • Moderate resistance to chemicals, oils and solvents
  • Reusable after decontamination and cleaning
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If you use a variety of corrosive chemicals, discover TRIVOREX® our universal neutralizing absorbent, which allows you to remove most of your acid-base corrosive waste as non-hazardous waste (NHW).
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