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Our objectives ?

Today, safety and performance have become key requirements in our progressive society.
Despite this, we cannot, by definition, eradicate the unforeseen, whether at home or at work: fuel leaks, an overturned paint can, a chemical tank spill, etc. Unfortunately, these incidents, if they are not controlled, can lead to greater risks to people as well as the environment – risk of falling or slipping and chemical contamination.

Confronted with a liquid spread or spill, we are sometimes faced with choosing between the safety or speed of the intervention. Accordingly, we wish to help people be safer by using modern methods and to find simple solutions to quickly deal with these incidents.

We want to guarantee unrestricted safety, by being at the forefront of of knowledge and techniques.

Understanding our partner’s issues, mastering them, finding preventive answers , simple and accessible solutions is PREVOR’s mission.

By combining international specialists and people from all scientific and technical backgrounds in our teams, our will and experience allows you not having to choose between results and safety.

Through our support, we wish to reduce the spill risk without trivializing it; through our products we also ensure that the incident does not become an accident. Consequently, thanks to our research, our partners can anticipate hazards by finding modification routes, which can lower the hazard level, without diminishing the interest of the products.

We are a team of professionals and scientific and technical specialists in the service of safety, progress and performance.
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How do we do it ?

How do we do it ?

Our teams are born of the union between a laboratory and a team of professionals. The secret of this union between scientists and specialists: a passion for sharing and safety.

For more than 50 years, our laboratory has invested in chemistry, biology and human physiology to understand the essence of toxicology and its acute and chronic consequences.
Like our illustrious elders such as Darwin and Mendeleev, we have conducted a series of studies and experiments to identify the fundamentals of toxicology.

At the same time, our teams of professionals put our research into practice in the field; present in the four corners of the globe; they work in close collaboration with our partners (industrialists, professionals, universities, laboratories, etc.) and ensure that the solutions offered are easily applicable in reality.

Our offer ?

This meticulous approach allows us to offer :
– Effective and globally recognized solutions,
– Products to protect humans and protect the environment,
– Procedures to simplify and facilitate workers daily routine

Our organization

Is built around three key points :
Toxicology control
Thanks to our own team of researchers and the numerous contracted academic researchers, we manage to combine fundamental research and its day-to-day application. This theoretical expertise and engineering mastery allows us to find innovative and realistic solutions in the service of industrialists and the population. Our regular participation in European and American congresses allows us to be in the best teams of the moment
Production control
In compliance with manufacturing guidelines, we master master the techniques of synthesis and purification to bring you the best products to protect you from the hazards of chemistry. Thanks to the symbiosis of our research and production departments, we can respond to your needs in the fastest time authorised by the regulations.
Marketing control
The qualification of our sales team, all specialists with hands-on experience in the field permits us to understand your specific problems and to respond with the greatest precision to the safety requirements for perfect hazard management in the event of a leak.

Our principes

  • To manage the risk for humans and the environment,
  • To understand the context and provide simple solutions to be effective,
  • To produce at a fair price.

Our Results

Established in Europe, America (North and South), Asia and Africa, we are the daily partners to both national (industrialists, governments, universities, etc.) and regional economic players (hospitals, businesses, etc.).

From day to day we offer the necessary means to ensure the safety of the population on a professional as well as a civil plan, within the scope of gouvernmental safety programs.

We are the men and women in the service of the safety of humanity.

Our principes
PREVOR : Anticipate and save

PREVOR : Anticipate and save

For more than 50 years now, thanks to the work carried out in collaboration with academics in Europe and the United States, we have acquired a culture of the chemical product and its potential. The systematic association of experience and epidemiological studies and active research in toxicology has enabled us to classify more than 25,000 basic chemicals. This research has allowed us to make one of the largest databases on chemical hazards available to our partners.

This meticulous approach allows us to offer :

  • emergency treatment with globally acknowledged effectiveness,
  • preventive toxicology studies in order to help laboratories which design new molecules to identify toxic hazards and to improve their design,
  • risk assessment for companies and governments to reduce potentiality, hazards and organise aid.
  • one of the largest chemical hazard databases with over 20,000 listed products.

Finally, for the last 5 years PREVOR has been involved in the development of emergency plans for chemical identification and recognition.

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We are a multidisciplinary team at the service of safety, progress and performance.