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Universal dryer for common liquids

POLYCAPTOR®Universal dryer for common liquids

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Universal dryer for common liquids

Falls caused by liquid spills are a major cause of work accidents. Solving this issue requires not only cleaning up the liquid, but also eliminating the potentially invisible residual layer responsible for slips.

POLYCAPTOR® versatile absorbent absorbs liquid spills and leaks safely, so that the incident does not interfere with the smooth running of your business.

Tested compliant by DEKRA according to technical data sheet DWA-A 716-9.

Prevor Environnement logo. Title: Managing a leak or liquid spill in a company.

An employee on a freight elevator sees a liquid leaking from the basket. The liquid spills onto the floor. The phrase "Liquid spills are hazards for employees" appears. The employee reflexively grabs a bucket containing sepiolite, a mineral absorbent. He spreads it around the spill and then in the center. The employee picks up a dustpan and starts picking up the powder residue.

Zoom in on the mixture of powder and liquid: the liquid is positioned around the sepiolite grain. As a consequence, a residual layer remains on the ground: the sepiolite has not completely absorbed everything after more than 5 minutes of cleaning the surface.

An employee is walking down the corridor of his company. He slips on the residual layer of liquid spillage from earlier and falls, injuring his right arm. A message appears on the screen: "Falls caused by residual liquids account for 1 in 5 accidents in a company. This means: ¼ of days lost due to temporary incapacity 20 days off work on average. One in two fall is due to a slip. But why? Due to the presence of a visible or invisible residual layer on the floor. But there is a solution!"

Shot of a liquid spill in the factory corridor. An employee brings a bucket of POLYCAPTOR® drying absorbent and places it next to the puddle. He pours POLYCAPTOR® powder around the puddle and then into its center.

Focus on mixing the powder with the liquid: the powder dries out the soil, as it is absorbed into the heart of the grain rather than around it. In three minutes, the residues are picked up. POLYCAPTOR® absorbent leaves no residual layer on the floor. It dries better and makes the area safe faster than a mineral absorbent.

A text appears on the screen: "POLYCAPTOR® drying absorbent is fast, easy to use and reduces the risk of slipping. Only one application is required: time saving. Achieves + 19% grip compared to the original floor. Test carried out in the Kemira factory (UK) on flocculants (ultra-slick products). Does not contain CMR compounds. Finally, it simplifies the management of the spill/leak by making employees safer."

As the text scrolls, the employee starts dancing where the puddle was, to show that the floor is no longer slippery at all. Final sentence: "POLYCAPTOR® leaves a dry non-slip floor, no more slips, falls...".

End of video with Prevor Environment logo.

  • Reduces significantly the risk of falls by leaving a dry, non-slippery floor
  • Non-hazardous
  • Does not contain CMR substances
  • Remove spills without leaving a greasy or undesirable residue on the floor in ONE swipe = SAVING TIME!
  • No need to scrub

Technical specifications of POLYCAPTOR®

The absorbent action of POLYCAPTOR® makes the soil dry, non-slippery, even with the most viscous products (oils, flocculants...).
In this manner, all risk of accident complications due to incomplete cleaning are eliminated.
After cleaning up the hydrocarbon with POLYCAPTOR(® absorbent, floor adhesion returns to 98% (Source DEKRA).
POLYCAPTOR® absorbent is self-sufficient, no additional cleaning is required.
It will save you time and free up your teams quicker..
1kg of Polycaptor® absorbent absorbs between 2L and 3L of liquids, approximately 3 times more than the conventional mineral absorbents.
You will minimize your storage requirements and limit the amount of waste generated.
Free from crystalline silica, POLYCAPTOR® is not hazardous for humans or the environment.
Crystalline silica is hazardous because if inhaled as dust, it can cause irreversible lung damage.
The associated disease is called silicosis.
Conventional mineral absorbents contain a low percentage of crystalline silica but enough to cause a carcinogenic risk to the user.

How does it work ?

POLYCAPTOR® versatile absorbent, functions as a network of capillaries sucking up the liquid and drying the surface..

Prevor Environment logo. Schematic video showing how Polycaptor® universal absorbent works.

Shot of a floor with a bucket, a liquid spill and a "slippery floor" sign. POLYCAPTOR® universal absorbent powder is applied all around the liquid spill, then in the center.

Zoom on the liquid: grains of POLYCAPTOR® powder can be seen absorbing the liquid spill. Zoom on one of the grains: the process shows the absorption of the liquid by the grain, which begins to grow, absorbing the liquid around it. Absorption takes place inside the grain. There is no longer any liquid around the grain. 

End of video.

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4 kg buckets
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10 kg bag

POLYCAPTOR® Recycling Trolley Stop wasting your absorbents!

Thanks to the sieve system, the POLYCAPTOR® Recycling Trolley allows to separate soiled absorbent from reusable absorbent. The unsoiled absorbent is recovered to be reused. Therefore it is:

  • Economical: Limits costs by avoiding waste
  • Environmentally friendly: Avoids the generation of unnecessary waste.

The POLYCAPTOR® Recycling Trolley contains all of the following equipment necessary for the management of a spill:

  •  Hypermobile: Movable to the spill location
  •  Practical thanks to the all-in-one system: stores, dispenses, recovers and recycles the POLYCAPTOR® absorbent
  •  Ergonomic: No more need to carry heavy and cumbersome absorbent bags
video showing how to use the polycaptor recycling trolley to collect absorbents

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