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LeVertChemical Decontaminants

Liquid chemical decontaminant against corrosive chemicals.

A surface or material contaminated with chemicals can corrode rapidly and pose a chemical injury hazard to personnel.

The LeVert chemical decontaminant allows you to decontaminate your surfaces, equipment and materials contaminated by corrosive chemicals.
a pierced pipe has leaking liquid - Chemical splash or spill
  • Neutralizes acids and bases
  • Avoids the risk of error through its compatibility with chemical products
  • Provides the possibility to manage the situation internally without the need for emergency services
  • Neutralizes the chemical even in the roughest spots

Technical specifications of LeVert

The LeVert chemical decontaminant allows you to decontaminate your surfaces, equipment and materials contaminated by corrosive chemicals.
Used in the event of spills or leaks, LeVert decontaminant allows you to neutralize the surfaces contaminated by the chemical and its vapours (wall, ceiling, machines, bench, PPE...) to avoid any damage or accident complications.
The neutralizing action of LeVert decontaminant allows you to protect your personnel from indirect contamination.
The PPE must be decontaminated after each use to avoid all contact with hazardous chemical residue.
Contaminated material must also be decontaminated in order to avoid chemical injuries.
Non-hazardous to humans and the environment, LeVert decontaminant can be used on a daily basis in a routine decontamination protocol.
Frequent decontamination of workstations exposed to chemicals permits to increase the life of the equipment and avoid accidents inducing chemical injuries.

How does it work ?

Based on amphoteric technology, LeVert chemical decontaminant makes it possible to stop the acid and base activity of chemicals, neutralizing them at a molecular level.

Safety recommendations during chemical accident

  • Do not forget to wear the safety equipment adapted to chemical spills and use the appropriate warning signs.
  • Used non-declassifiable absorbents must be destroyed in accordance with the national regulations in force.
  • If you are working with hydrofluoric acid derivatives, use our special HF decontaminant, LeVert HF to protect you from its acidity and the toxicity of fluoride ions.

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