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Logo. Acicaptal neutralizing absorbent for all acids even concentrated ones

Neutralizes and absorbs all acid spills.

 Hydrochloric , nitric, hydrofluoric , acetic, phosphoric tanks leaking?

Warning, managing an acid chemical spill may cause splashing, or even a risk of inhalation of corrosive materials. Protect yourself and restrict contamination.


With Acicaptal® neutralizing absorbent: manage your acid spills QUICKLY, SIMPLY AND SAFELY.

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    • The neutralizing action of the absorbent Acicaptal® allows you to act quickly, easily and safely on all acids even the most concentrated.
    • Acicaptal® neutralizer reduces both the corrosive hazard and possible acid fumes.

    Quick cleaning of a concentrated acid with Acicaptal

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    • Thanks to the pH color indicator integrated into the absorbent you can visually identify the hazard and monitor the neutralization process easily.
    • ... in the case of an acid spill the absorbent changes color to pink and returns to yellow when the spill is neutralized.

    Acicaptal: Follow the danger of the spill with the pH color indication

Safety procedures during a chemical accident

  • Do not forget to wear suitable safety protection equipment for the chemical spill and use appropriate signs.
  • Used absorbents must be destroyed in accordance with the current legislation.
9 kg bucket
ACICAPTAL neutralizing absorbent for acids
ACICAPTAL® neutralizing absorbent to safely collect acids
Concentrated acid spill

VIDEO: Acicaptal® on a dangerous acid