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With our absorbents you can manage even the toughest spills.

Logo. Polycaptor absorbs viscous liquid  and difficult to pick up

On floors Polycaptor® absorbs viscous products and non-water soluble chemicals, flocculants, paint, hydrocarbons and others.

Logo. Petrocaptor absorbs the oil, gas oil, gasoil crude oil on water

In water, Petrocaptor® absorbs and solidifies hydrocarbons difficult to collect, gasoil, diesel, crude oil.


With our neutralizing absorbents you can manage your hazardous chemical leaks and spills; even the most concentrated chemicals.

Logo. Trivorex neutralizing absorbent for all liquid acids or bases

Trivorex® absorbs and neutralizes acids, bases, formaldehyde, solvents, oxidizers  and others.

Logo. Acicaptal neutralizing absorbent for all acids even concentrated ones

Acicaptal® absorbs and neutralizes acids.

Logo. Bacicaptal neutralizing absorbent for all bases even concentrated ones

Basicaptal® absorbs and neutralizes bases.


With our decontaminants you can decontaminate surfaces and clothing contaminated by corrosive chemicals, even hydrofluoric acid.

 logo Le Vert  decontaminant solution of chemical pollutions

Le Vert decontaminates surfaces contaminated by chemicals: acids, bases, formaldehyde and oxidants.

 logo Le Vert HF decontaminant solution of hydrofluoric acid

Le Vert HF decontaminates surfaces contaminated by hydrofluoric acid.

logo Anti Etch cleaning glass etched by acid (HF)

Anti-Etch decontaminates glass contaminated by hydrofluoric acid.