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Logo. Polycaptor absorbs viscous liquid  and difficult to pick up

Absorbs all types of liquid spills, even the toughest.

Difficult pick up paint, glue, dye, polymer flocculant , oil, hydrocarbons   

The spilling of products that are hard to clean up (viscous paint, hydrocarbons, lubricants, oils...) can cause falls or slips. The hazard zone will be amplified if the spill occurs in a passage area.


With Polycaptor® absorbent, manage spills QUICKLY AND SIMPLY.

  • 1
    • The action of Polycaptor® allows you to act effectively on all liquids, including viscous and non–water soluble chemicals.
    • Polycaptor® absorbent reduces the risk of falls, leaving a clean, dry floor even on irregular surfaces!

    Spills and leakages might be absorbed to avoid falls

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    • High performance Polycaptor® absorbs 1L of oil and saves you 500%.
    • Polycaptor® absorbent saves you about 500% of the product compared to a natural absorbent.

    How much absorbent do we need to absorb 1 liter of oil? 

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    • Thanks to Polycaptor® absorbent produce less waste and be consistent with the first law of green chemistry.

    Producing less absorbent waste is in accordance with the green chemistry

Safety procedures during a chemical accident

  • Do not forget to wear suitable safety protection equipment for the chemical spill and use appropriate signs.
  • Used absorbents must be destroyed in accordance with the current legislation.
4 kg Bucket
Polycaptor® multi-purpose Absorbent
Viscous and difficult Spills

VIDEO: Polycaptor® vs. diatomaceous earth on engine oil